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Terrariums are a terrific way to bring the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature into your home. Like miniature greenhouses, terrariums can recreate the same growing conditions needed to support a wide variety of plant species. Terrariums come in sizes ranging from large and free standing to small fishbowls that can fit on your desk or coffee table. From the exotic to the commonplace, terrarium plants can be easily maintained once your terrarium is established.

Just like aquariums and other indoor habitats, proper care of a terrarium does require some discipline and attention to detail. After your terrarium is established, you will find that the effort was well worth it.

Terrariums are much like mini hothouses. The moisture in the soil acts very much like the moisture found in earth soils, oceans, rivers and lakes. During the earth water cycle, moisture evaporates, rises into the atmosphere and returns the surface in the form of precipitation like rain or snow.

The water cycle in a terrarium is very similar and can be seen in several ways. In a properly constructed terrarium, moisture will condensate on the inner surfaces and run back down to the soil.

From the jungles of Asia to the rainforests of South America, our planet is teeming with beauty and wonder. Nature has provided just the right growing environment for an incredible variety of lush and exotic plant life. Broad leaf philodendrons, colorful African violets and lush bromeliads can be grown successfully in a properly maintained plant terrarium.